The Future from Fukushima - Local Treasures Folk Culture Preservation Project has been designated as the first official Tokyo 2020 Support Programme within Fukushima prefecture under the Recovery”category. To commemorate this occasion, Fukushima prefecture hosted a special onstage ceremony for Tokyo 2020 as part of the Hometown Festival that took place in Shirakawa on Saturday, November 5th.
Amputee dancer Kōichi Ōmae, who performed at the Rio 2015 Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony, and Kōji Tejima, the Executive Director of the Bureau of Administration of the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee, presented a certificate bearing the official Support Programme logo to Mutsuo Anzai, the Director General of the Culture and Sports Bureau of the Fukushima Prefectural Government.
This was followed by a dance performance by Omae entitled 'Mezameyo To Yobu Koe Ga Kikoeru' ('I hear a voice to wake me up'), a dynamic and elegant piece in which he makes extensive use of his partially-amputated left leg.
The Hometown Festival came to an end the following day, Sunday November 6th. During that time, 20 organisations from both inside and outside Fukushima put on passionate performances of the irreplaceable folk arts that they aim to protect and pass on to the next generation.

*Tokyo 2020 Support Programme: One of the Tokyo 2020 Participation Programmes. A participatory programme for initiatives recognized by the Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games as possessing the same vision towards building up anticipation for the Games and the creation of Olympic and Paralympic legacies.