Governor Uchibori payed a visit to Fukushima Prefectural Ogino Rowing Course where the Japan rowing team’s will hold their final training camp before the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, which will take place from August 7th (8th JST) 2016. There, the Governor spoke several words of encouragement to rowing athletes Toshie Ariyoshi and Shigeru Komazaki, who were hard at work training in preparation for the Games.
The Governor presented the athletes with locally-produced peaches and stuffed toys of the Fukushima mascot, Kibitan, specially designed for the Rio Games. After thanking the two athletes for holding their final training camp in Fukushima, the Governor expressed hope for their success at the Games, and that they would show the world just how far Fukushima has come with its recovery.

Located in Takasato district, Kitakata, the Fukushima Prefectural Ogino Rowing Course facility is the main hub for rowing in the prefecture and is currently focusing efforts to attract teams to Fukushima to hold training camps for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

[Training Camp Period]
August 8th ~ 23rd, 2016 (16 days)
[Training Area]
Fukushima Prefectural Ogino Rowing Course (Kitakata City)
[Sports Event]
Double Sculls (TA Mixed 2x)
Japan Team: Toshie Ariyoshi, Shigeru Komazaki, five other members of staff (including coaches)