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Fukushima Azuma Baseball Stadium


Fukushima Prefectural Government (Administrated by: Fukushima Prefecture Urban Parks and Greenery Association)


(Azuma Sports Park) Kamikotoba 1, Sawara, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima-ken

  • 10 mins. by car from Fukushima-nishi IC on the Tohoku Expressway
  • 20 mins. by car from Fukushima station on the JR Shinkansen line
Outline of the Facility (As of March 2017)
Distance to left- and right-field:
Spectator capacity:
30,000 people
Infield 14,390 seats (Seats behind home-plate: 3,965)
Outfield 15,610 seats (Surrounding the field)
Floodlight towers:
Indoor training area:
2 locations, each 440㎡
Ancillary facilities:
[1st Floor]
  • Shower rooms (1st and 3rd base - 5 cubicles in each)
  • Lockers (1st and 3rd base - 24 lockers in each)
  • Accessible seating (52㎡ - 10 person capacity)
  • Multi-purpose toilet (1)
[2nd Floor]
  • Guest toilets, Concession stand (Two soft drink vending machines also available)
  • Rest area, Wheelchair-accessible viewing area
  • Multi-purpose toilet (1)
[3rd Floor]
  • Broadcast booth (5 rooms)
Park Map

Began operations: September 1961